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The 5 Stages of Information Development

As I start doing research for another tech writing project, I’m mentally preparing myself for the stages I’ll go through.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Here’s a short video I made when I was participating in the IBM Chef Watson + Bon Appetit beta. I found a recipe for an Absinthe Cocktail that made my head spin.

Wild Duck – with Chef Watson

IBM likes wild ducks, so I decided to cook one… until I realized I had NO idea how to cook duck.

Monochrome Blue (poem)

Blue sky spiderweb Desultory birch Cold air blowing in the Elemental church.

Black-eyed Susans (poem)

Deep into summer Rudbeckia hirta Take over the garden And vie with Echinacea Over who is less common. Copyright © 2014 Suzanne Ennis

Sheer Pleasure of Pollen (poem)

The bees don’t hesitate– they go Headfast into the glory of the rose And if a bud is closed They ply it open frantically And push their heads Between the petals, Fluttering and shuddering In pleasure– The sheer pleasure Of the pollen. Copyright © 2014 Suzanne Ennis

Self-portrait in lettuce

The perspective on this one is a little skewed, but that seems apt…  This is from way back in 2007. Copyright © 2014 Suzanne Ennis