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The 5 Stages of Information Development

As I start doing research for another tech writing project, I’m mentally preparing myself for the stages I’ll go through.

Monochrome Blue (poem)

Blue sky spiderweb Desultory birch Cold air blowing in the Elemental church.

Sheer Pleasure of Pollen (poem)

The bees don’t hesitate– they go Headfast into the glory of the rose And if a bud is closed They ply it open frantically And push their heads Between the petals, Fluttering and shuddering In pleasure– The sheer pleasure Of the pollen. Copyright © 2014 Suzanne Ennis

Fire Lily in Summer (poem)

Voluptuous lily, Aren’t you ashamed (with your garish exuberant petals agape) Or did no one tell you This kind of display will attract

How tech communication ruined me as a letter writer

A career in Tech Communications has RUINED me as a writer…

Reluctant acceptance

The teacher strolled into the yoga studio 10 minutes late for a 50-minute class. That only leaves 40 minutes. Let’s go!