How tech communication ruined me as a letter writer

Call me what you will: A technical communicator,  information architect, content strategist, information developer, technical writer, or whatever label you want to slap on it. Whatever you call me, one thing’s for sure: This career absolutely RUINED me for writing letters. Have a gander…

How tech ruined me as a letter writer2EvilUserGuide



  1. This is some great stuff – it’s currently making the rounds in the techwr-l listserv. I see you haven’t updated for a while but if this is the kind of gold you’re keeping from the world I hope you start again!


    1. Thank you so much. Hope it gets a few laughs. I’ll have to start posting again.


  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    This is the best guideline for writing e-mails ever.


  3. I need to share a story with you. I saw this graphic come across my Facebook feed. I didn’t know where it came from as it was just a picture post.
    Well, I too this and shared it to Twitter. I didn’t think much would happen with it. Well, I was so surprise this went Viral. I reached out and one of my followers found you and the source.
    I want to give you credit where credit is due for creating content that went viral.

    Please reach out to me as I would like to give you all the credit for this and have an answer to all those who have asked.
    Congratulations on this and I will give you full credit on helping get over 3,000 retweets and likes.


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    1. Thank you, sir! That is so kind of you, and very good hearted. You motivated me to clean up my WordPress site, which I haven’t touched in quite a while. BTW, this little post also made it to the front page of Reddit and it made the rounds on Imgur as well. Who knew my funny little image would resonate with so many people?


  4. Well, if you come up with something new, I’d be happy to share it with you!!
    Please check out my pinned tweet for the number of retweets. This is something to be very proud of! @karlkovacs


    1. Super cool. Thanks! You are kind. (oh lord, i sound like that bulleted list)


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